Make sure you read all the tabbed information below BEFORE you register.

All teams must pay in full at registration.

Annual Player ID Card – $20.00

Player Cards are valid until August 1st of the next year.

Player cards are required to get on the field.

Player can play in 3 consecutive divisions.

If we split the division players can play in BOTH. Example: C1 and C2

Division A is the most competitive division. Division E is for beginners.

Please take a honest look at your team before you register into a Division. If your team gets up by a certain number of points you will be required to pull a player. The more points you get up the more players you will have to pull. If your entire team wants to play, you best make sure you are in the correct division.

We have 3 player divisions:

  • Players in Division 1 can play on A, B, or C teams.
  • Players in Division 2 can play on B, C, or D teams.
  • Players in Division 3 Can play on C, D or E.

There is only one division for women’s teams, classified as a “C” division.

Coaches will be required to fill out their roster by week two at which time your roster will be frozen.

You are allowed to change 3 players. Once a player is removed from the roster, the player may not come back on any team in the division for the remainder of the season.

After the 2nd week of games, team rosters are closed and you cannot add players for the remainder of the season.

DO NOT ASSUME your division will be playing on the same day next season.

Requested days off MAY be honored, if they are submittedAT TIME OF REGISTRATION, IN THE NOTES!!!

(No Emails, Text, Calls, or Voicemails)

Once schedules are created, NO REFUNDS. All credit and debit card transaction incur a finance charge. Checks and Cash are welcome.

During registration, preference is given to any team who played last season as long as they register in the first week of registration.

After the first week, registration will be first come first served. There is a  waiting list in each division, so please add your name to the list if your division is already full.

In the event one of the Divisions does not fill up we may add additional teams in other divisions.